Month: March 2015

Let’s Talk: Superfoods

go site I keep hearing about superfoods all the time nowadays, moreover, that in order to be truly healthy, we should be consuming this and that superfood. But in reality, the term “superfood” wasn’t coined until recently. Before that these “superfoods” were known just as food. When you think of superfoods, what comes to your mind? Goji berries? Maca? Baobab? Spirulina? The truth is that most superfoods are actually everyday foods. And what makes them so “super” is the fact that they are very high in vitamins and nutrients.…

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

I have a new obsession: Smoothie in a bowl, especially in the mornings. I’ve started to come up with some really creative, delicious and healthy smoothies to start the day. Sometimes it might be in the form of a green smoothie and on other days it might be a fruit and berry smoothie, like this one I wanted to share with you. And the great thing about smoothies in a bowl is that you can top them with anything you like, such as granola, nuts, seeds or fresh fruit and berries.…

10-Minute Granola

This is my ultimate go-to when I feel like having granola for breakfast but was too tired didn’t have time to make a batch the previous day. This granola will take you only 10 minutes to make from start to finish, allowing you to enjoy a nice bowl of granola with almond milk and fresh fruit and berries any day of the week.

10 minute granola

4 dl rolled oats
1 dl pumpkin seeds
1 dl sunflower seeds
1 tsp cinnamon
2 handfuls of raisins
2 handfuls of mulberries (or any other dried fruit of your preference)
2 tbsp maple syrup or honey

Put all ingredients onto a large pan and toast them for 6-8 minutes on a medium heat.…

Healthy Gluten-free Pizza

Let’s be honest, we all crave pizza every now and then. But there are some really healthy ways to satisfy those cravings. With the right ingredients, pizza can be an excellent food to eat and something that the whole family can enjoy.

I know that the ‘it’ thing at the moment is to make a pizza base from cauliflower. But honestly, if I eat pizza, I want it to taste like pizza. That’s why my gluten-free pizza base is comprised of a mix of almond and buckwheat flour, eggs and olive oil.…

3-Day Sugar Detox

As I briefly mentioned earlier this week, I recently embarked on a 3-day sugar detox. I mainly did it to get a short break from all sugars and to neutralise my body. It was a really positive experience. It gave me perspective as to what I eat on a daily basis. It made me realise how much natural sugar I eat every day. I just love fresh and dried fruit. I’m not saying that eating fruit is bad for the health, but I do think that even natural sugars should be consumed in moderation.…

Overnight Blueberry and Chia Seed Oats

I’m such a massive fan of oatmeal. I just can’t get enough of it. I think I’m day by day getting more inventive with my morning porridge and coming up with new ways of enjoying my beloved oats.

These blueberry overnight oats are so delicious, mainly because of the sheer amount of blueberries. Blueberries are amazing. They’re packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, they improve our heart health, reduce the risk of cancers and boost our brain health. Quite amazing when you think about it.…

Spinach and Mango Lassi

I’ve always loved drinking lassies, especially on a hot day. It’s one of the best ways to cool down. Even on these last remaining cold days before Spring really kicks in, it’s nice to enjoy a healthy and refreshing afternoon lassi. And by adding some additional healthy ingredients into the more traditional mango lassi, you can be sure you’re getting your daily dose of great nutrients and vitamins.

This recipe serves 2:

2 handfuls of fresh spinach
300 gr frozen mango (or fresh refrigerated mango, if you prefer)
3 dl almond milk
1 dl ice cold water
1-2 tsp honey (optional)

Put all ingredients into a blender and blend smooth.…

Beetroot Hummus

As you might have gathered, I just love hummus. I make it on a regular basis, but never the same way twice. I try to always jazz it up in some way. After recently adding beetroot into my usual hummus recipe, I can honestly say I have found a new absolute favourite. The flavours play so well together, that you wouldn’t believe it. The recipe is simple, doesn’t require an abundance of unusual ingredients and is super fast to whip up.…

How to Cook the Perfect Quinoa

Quinoa, a real super food, has long been a part of my almost daily diet. I add it in salads, smoothies, next to chicken and fish; I make cookies and cakes out of it; I even make breakfast porridge out of it. To put it short, quinoa is a staple ingredient of mine. I don’t think there’s ever a time when I wouldn’t have quinoa in the house.

A lot of people I know don’t eat quinoa because they don’t know how to prepare it.…

Spinach Soup with Quinoa and Boiled Egg

Having been born and raised in Finland, I’m very familiar with spinach soup. Every Finnish person has had spinach soup at one point in their life. It’s a traditional food served at home, in schools and even in restaurants. Traditionally spinach soup is made using dairy milk, butter and some flour, but I of course make it using ingredients suitable for my gluten and dairy-free diet.

I’m a real soup person. I think you can encapsulate a lot of flavours in soups, be it hot or cold.…