Month: May 2015

Fruity Oat and Nut Cereal Bars

go site Snacks are big in my household at the moment. Maybe it’s because it’s so hot and you tend to feel less inclined to eat big meals when it’s scorching outside. Or maybe it’s simply because they’re just too darn good. This cereal bar recipe is an absolute favourite at the moment. They’re such a great snack and they go down a storm every single time. In addition to being great as an afternoon pick-me-up, they also work perfect as breakfast on the run, maybe with a smoothie or a coffee or tea.…

Creamy Pea Dip

click here This creamy pea dip is so delicious that I just had to share it with you. And what’s best, it can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. And all you need is peas, fresh basil and mint, garlic, olive oil, lemon and salt. Super healthy, full of flavour and really easy to make.

I’m a big fan of Super salads especially during the hot summer months, so I love adding this pea dip in with different kinds of salads.…

Banana Carob Ice Cream

buy betnovate 0.1 cream online uk Summer has finally arrived, at least here in Cyprus, and it’s time for some cooling and refreshing healthy treats, which for me and my family often come in the form of ice cream.

I just love ice cream. I’m not talking about store-bought, sugar-packed dairy ice cream, but rather my homemade, dairy-free banana ice cream. I can guarantee you that once you try making your own ice cream, using the best and healthiest ingredients, you don’t want to go back to ready-made, processed ice cream again.…

Berry Protein Bites

On hot days when you don’t feel like eating much but feel like you need some extra energy, these little protein bites are the best thing. Now that the weather is slowly starting to heat up, these have become my absolute go-to snack. With very minimal ingredients, you can have yourself some delicious and super nutritious treats.

Makes about 18 balls:

2 dl almonds
8 medjool dates
2 tbsp berry powder of choice (*)
1 tbsp hemp protein
1 tbsp maca powder
hint of salt

Start by crushing the almonds in a food processor as fine as possible.…

The Healthiest Cracker

I’m finally back after a week of silence, and with fresh new recipes for you. I’ve just moved, hence my absence. I moved not only house, but country. So this was a big one. And moving with kids requires even more time and effort. But slowly things are finding a place in our new house on the beautiful island of Cyprus and I’m getting used to my new kitchen. It’s such a pleasure to cook in a big kitchen with lots of work space.…