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3-Day Sugar Detox

Tastylia for sale As I briefly mentioned earlier this week, I recently embarked on a 3-day sugar detox. I mainly did it to get a short break from all sugars and to neutralise my body. It was a really positive experience. It gave me perspective as to what I eat on a daily basis. It made me realise how much natural sugar I eat every day. I just love fresh and dried fruit. I’m not saying that eating fruit is bad for the health, but I do think that even natural sugars should be consumed in moderation.

http://oceanadesigns.net/envira/black-levanto/ Basically the idea behind the 3-day sugar detox is to cut out dairy, all fruit aside from lemon and lime, wheat and starches, coffee, and all added sugars (inc. natural sweeteners). You can eat meat and eggs (in moderation), lots of green vegetables (as much as your heart desires, except for avocado, which you can only eat in moderation), nuts and seeds (in moderation), beans and legumes (in moderation), herbs, olive and coconut oil, balsamic and apple cider vinegar. So, as you can see, it’s not too difficult to come up with foods from the abundance of “approved” foods.

http://fantastic-ideas.com/about?doing_wp_cron= As a result of my 3-day sugar detox, I decided to slightly reduce the amount natural sugars I consume daily, and to leave out coffee all together, at least for now. I realised that I don’t actually need it and that I feel much better if I drink green or verbena tea with mint in the morning.

In case you have any digestive issues, this 3-day detox is really great. By leaving out all sugars, you will feel much lighter and any daily bloating or discomfort you might have, will disappear. And after the 3-day detox you could slowly start introducing your normal foods back into your daily diet. This is actually a great opportunity to remove any undesired foods from your diet all together.

In case you want some inspiration as to what you could eat during your 3-day sugar detox, I could recommend the following:

Breakfast: 2-3 scrambled eggs or an omelette with half an avocado
Lunch: Spinach salad with chicken breast and steamed vegetables
Dinner: Salmon with stir-fried vegetables
Snacks: Nuts / Hummus with red and green bell peppers
Drinks: Water (with or without lemon), natural sparkling water, green and herbal teas

I sincerely recommend giving it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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