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Instant Bircher Muesli I’m a big fan of porridge in the morning, as many of you have surely gathered. I could honestly eat porridge daily, maybe even several times a day. And every year when summer comes, and along with it, those three very hot months, I like to change things around a bit, ie. my usual hot porridge turns into a colder but definitely not paler version of itself.

go here I do make the occasional overnight oats but, if you’re busy like I am, I just tend to forget to make a batch the night before. So what’s my solution on those mornings when I wake up regretting the fact that I didn’t remind myself the previous evening? To make instant Bircher muesli. And the recipe couldn’t be any simpler, faster or tastier.

go here Serves 4:

3 dl quick oats
3 dl nut milk
1 ripe banana
1 apple
1 carrot
1.5 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp honey
pinch of salt

buy prilosec bulk Start by grating the carrot and the apple, followed by mashing the banana on a small plate. Measure the oats and place them in a bowl along with the rest of the ingredients and mix with a spoon. Allow it to sit for a few minutes after which it’s ready to be enjoyed. Serve with seasonal fruits and a mixture of nuts and seeds.


  1. Summer says

    My porridge is good. But your porridge looks much better, more beautiful, and healthier than mine

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