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buy Lyrica It’s the New Year again and while I welcome this bright new year with much open arms, I do steer clear from any notion that I should be planning out the coming 365 days for myself.

go site I’ve never been one for resolutions. I simply don’t believe in them. I think life is meant to be lived in the present moment, in the now. Who can know with certainty what the coming year will bring with it? For sure not me. And if I would start making resolutions and promises to do this and to achieve that, I would already be living in the future and putting burdens and pressure on myself and making my life feel rigid. I would live in constant worry and fear that I might be breaking my resolution for the year. That’s no way to live and I don’t think that’s a healthy way to start a new habit or to make improvements for your life. Those good intentions for change should start now or whenever you want them to start. For example, if you want to lose weight, get fit, eat healthier or to be more grateful of life, you should start now and not give yourself a whole year to start. If you’re not ready to start now, then let it happen when you are ready. But don’t feel pressured to start something just on the basis that it’s a new year and we are somehow supposed to change our habits to the better just because of that. Good habits should start from a peaceful and calm place within us. It should be a happy time, not a time of stress and hardship. Maybe it’s just me, but I personally don’t want a system to tell me that just because it’s the 1st of January I should be jotting down all the things I want to change in my life. I say, be your own calender, be your own boss and make things happens when you can and when you ultimately want them to happen. Always be kind to yourself.

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